A unique model in the market

Live Ads is a new and socially responsible advertising system that combines cutting-edge technology with donations in real time.

Our system allows us to connect your advertising goal with NGO's needs in the form of direct donations to them.


Focus on critical human needs.
Celebrate the diversity of the programs we offer, human resources, volunteers and donors.

Operate with proper accountability and transparency.

To link brands with socially responsible projects. We want to raise corporate social awareness in a booming market as online advertising.

We continually work to improve and expand our programs and strategic relationships between brands and non-for-profit sector.

Live Ads were created with the aim of supporting social responsibility projects connecting brands with their community by increasing their reputation.

Our mission is to increase the demand for socially responsible banners, as well as supporting programs and actions of social good.


Live Ads initiative is summarized in the following points:

Engage online advertisers, web sites and users on a viable solution to channel financial resources from the advertising industry to improve peopleĀ“s lives.
Live Ads allocates a percentage of the advertising spending to support ONG‘s programs, connecting brands and the third sector in real time.

Provide the correct target to reach each audience and objective for
any campaign.

Create synergy between brands and ONG‘s, benefiting both by increasing campaigns ROI and donations in
real time.

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Live Ads is an advertising model that makes every impression or click to support social responsibility projects increasing ROI and performance as well as improving the user experience.

Corporate Social Responsibility has gained much importance to the eyes of the world and online advertising could not be left behind, being Live Ads an excellent choice to position brands as "socially responsible".

Users recognize Live Ads through the "tab" inserted on each banner.

Users identify contributions on each banner.
When a user moves the cursor over the logo of Live Ads, located in the upper right corner of the banner, they can visualize the donations that are being generated.
To create consistency in the message, the banner initially displayed always remains to be seen.

Each brand has its own Live Ads account where can check for donations and campaign metrics in real time.

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